December 2014

Breakthrough Victory for the Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign – Huffington Post (24-12-2014)
Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign achieves criminalisation of coercive control – Press Release (18-12-2014)

October 2014

Campaign calls for new domestic violence offence – Women’s Aid (15-10-2014)

September 2014

Re-Framing Domestic Violence Law Reform – Huffington Post (September 2014)
“Coercive Control: Why we want the law to change” – CAADA (26-09-2014)

August 2014

“Campaign wins consultation on criminalising domestic abuse” – Press Release (20-08-2014)
“Domestic Violence: Controlling behaviour is abuse and it is time we criminalised it.” – Telegraph (20-08-2014)
“Domestic abuse offence could cover emotional as well as physical harm.” The Guardian (20-08-2014)

July 2014

“The Law Is Failing Victims of Domestic Violence” – Huffington Post (30-07-2014)
“Why we must close gaps in law around domestic violence” – Centre for Labour and Social Studies (29-07-2014) 
“Domestic Abusers “Not Being Brought To Justice”
– Sky News (28-07-2014)
Labour to make domestic violence a specific offence” – The Guardian (28-07-2014)
Domestic Violence Law Planned“ – BBC News (28-07-2014)
“Britain set to make domestic violence criminal offence” – The Times of India (26-07-2014)
“Domestic Violence could become a specific offence, says David Cameron.” – The Telegraph (25-07-2014)
“Domestic Violence Campaign Welcome’s Prime Minister’s Statement” – Women’s Aid (25-07-2014)
“Ceila Peachey: Mum was killed by her ex – I want a public inquiry.” – The Times (23-07-2014)
“Isolated incidents”: how the laws around domestic violence are failing its victims” – New Statesman (23-07-2014)

June 2014

Government Silence on Domestic Violence Leaves Women at Risk of Being Killed“- Press Release (4th June 2014)
“It’s Time to Criminalise Psychological Abuse” – Huffington Post (2nd June 2014)

May 2014
“Frontline domestic violence professionals demand law change.” – DASH24 (30th May 2014)
“Call for new law to tackle domestic abuse (Scotland)” – Evening Times (8th May 2014)

March 2014
“Shockingly Domestic Abuse is not a crime.” – Cosmo (25th March 2014)
“A partner’s right to know” Sky News (8th March 2014)
“Domestic violence campaigners call for tougher laws as abusers escape justice” The Guardian (5th March 2014)
“Abuse campaigners want law change.” – The Courier (5th March 2014)
“Psychological abuse ‘should be made a crime’” BBC News (5th March 2014)
“The violence epidemic.” – The Independent (5th March 2014)
“Campaigners want law change.” – MSN News (5th March 2014)
“Coercive control should be criminalised” – Family Law Week (5th March 2014)
Campaign for new law that criminalised Domestic Violence – 4NI News (5th March 2014)
“Abuse campaigners want law change.” – The Belfast Telegraph (5th March 2014)
Domestic violence shake-up.”Daily Mail (5th March 2014)
Domestic violence campaigners call for tougher laws  Community Justice Portal (5th March 2014)

December 2013
“Domestic violence set to be targeted by tough new law” The Guardian (28th December 2013)
“Domestic violence crackdown will send repeat offenders to jail for 14 years” The Mirror (29th December 2013)
“MP backs draft Bill to create new domestic abuse offence carrying up to 14 years in prison” The Telegraph (28th December 2013)