Prevention Work

What are we looking for?

Prevention workers are specialists who teach the importance of healthy relationships to 12- 18 year olds. This can be done by going into schools and youth groups and running workshops, following up with one to one sessions where appropriate. It also includes training teachers on domestic violence and the steps they can take if they believe (or are disclosed to) that a student is being affected. We believe that funding these workers is a key part of preventing domestic violence.

We are looking to fund Prevention posts within established services or projects dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence or children. These projects must be able to demonstrate a need for the funding, either because a previous funding opportunity is no longer available or if this is a new post. These services must have the capacity to deal with or adequately refer disclosures of domestic violence.

How do we fund?

We believe that our grants should make a lasting impact and as such we don’t believe in funding a role for less than two years.

We do however look for partner funders and ask you to apply to us where another funder has already been secured or will be secured. Priority will be given to applications that are able to demonstrate that a match funder has been secured.

We work with the posts that we fund in order to ensure that they are at their most effective. Should you need non-monetary help from us we will endeavour to help in any way that we can.

How do I apply?

Our applications are currently closed. If you have submitted an application to us we will get back to you soon.